Jasmin Hunter | Fine Art Portrait Photographer | About

I started out as a microbiologist taking images of things smaller than the eye could see. I loved studying how these little things interacted and created a new world that we could spy on from time to time. After a while, I started to notice all the little meaningful interactions all around me. Many of them, I discovered, were being missed. The quick hug, the overwhelming laugh, the bright smile, the tears of joy. They were moments that brought happiness to those around them and then they were gone.

I became a photographer because I want to preserve these moments so they can be visited at any time. I want to capture the joy, silliness, and even the sadness. Emotion, in all forms is beautiful. As an artist, I get to create a world around this emotion with light, color, and texture. This is where your life becomes art.

When I am not working I spend my time with my husband and four furry four-legged children in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I love being outside all year long and submerged in water - preferably the ocean - as much as possible. I cannot live without music or books.

So, tell me...what moments would you like me to capture?